Welcome to . . .

Annie’s Book Nook

Unity Lincoln’s Metaphysical Bookstore is open every Sunday

from 10 a.m. till the last reader leaves


Annie’s Book Nook, also known as The Unity Café Book Store, wants to know what books and other things you want to purchase. We will be carrying books for classes held here, but we also want to know what you want to buy! What would you give as gifts? We desire to create a vital book store with movement of product! So, please let Annie Nuss know what you would like to find in the book store. You may have noticed that we have empty shelves… We are ready to bring in some new books – but we don’t want to keep them, we want to sell them and benefit Unity Lincoln at the same time. Help us make good choices.
If you are a crafts person who would like to sell your appropriate items in the book store, let Annie know. We will create an agreement with you. We happily want to grow this part of our spiritual home.